sauna club

In our spa complex, you can have Soul of Charcot sessions, either one-time or as a complex. Charcot’s douche is a procedure that has not only a healing effect,
but also allows you to restore harmony and beauty to your body in a short time. The procedure improves blood circulation and muscle tone of your body, energizes, heals the skin, and stimulates metabolic processes.

When purchasing a course of 10 sessions, there is a 20% discount

If you are looking for a perfect recreational spot, you will find it in our bathhouse; we have everything you need to rejuvenate your mind and body.

The hall has room for 15 people and a conference table; our staff will assist you in organizing parties and banquets.

The facilities include Russian bathhouse, Turkish bath also known as Hammam, a pool with a an area of 27 square meters with hot water, “shower Sharko”, an artificial waterfall, geyser, jacuzzi for 6 people, hot whirlpool and a well with cold water. There is a barbecue spot in the yard as well. Free Wi-Fi is located throughout the hotel.

Bathhouse attendant is always at your service. You can also enjoy a massage and have your skin exfoliated.